Our History

Dynamic Works Program Support was founded by Coach Kelvin Giles & Tondrea Giles in 2010 after mentoring high school youth for over the prior 10 years.  After years of addressing and combating issues such as drug abuse, assault & battery, pregnancies, homelessness, and much more the couple focused on locating the root to these reoccurring problems. Dynamic Works Program Support was constructed as a result to address focusing on students to assist them in making positive changes in their attitude, academics and personal lifestyle demeanor. DWPS has a core foundation to take students to the next level by providing programs that commit to the youth's personal development, academics and family commitment. 

Our Mission

To provide a supportive environment that encourages individual and family growth for anyone needing assistance benefiting from the different services we provide.

Our Vision

To assist families and youth make positive changes in their lives and  cultivate a mindset of positive thinking.

Dynamic Works Program Support a Non-profit Christian organization provides individualized educational and intervention programs that focus on academic achievement, personal development and growth. DWPS provides programs that give emphasis on decision-making and life values. DWPS programs focus on sound positive values.

At DWPS we believe in providing strong role models that are deeply rooted in positive values to assist youth and families to make healthy decisions. Some of our programs also include wholesome and healthy physical activities to promote good values along with physical development. Many of the activities aim to teach the underlying concepts such as honesty, camaraderie, sportsmanship, endurance, patience, friendship and many others.