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About Dynamic Works Christian Academy


Dynamic Works Christian Academy (DWCA) is a preschool center located right in the Richmond / North Chesterfield County area in central Virginia. The Academy will have it's grand opening this Fall 2021.

The primary goals for the academy are the following:

1. To prepare students to excel in grade school 

2. To enhance students' thought processes and create a mindset of positive thinking and good decision making

3. To create a safe and creative learning environment so that students may thrive both academically and personally

4. To motivate parents to become and remain involved in their child's personal and educational development.


Academy Philosophy 

"Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he shall not depart from it." 

- Proverbs 22:6

Dynamic Works Christian Academy believes that children are a gift from God, each having a purpose in the kingdom of God. We strive to teach children the Love of Jesus Christ through his death and resurrection and we profess this belief through quality Christian care and education provided to our children at our academy on a daily basis. We believe that children have an innate desire to seek new learning experiences through active play, education and daily interactions with others. Children develop at their own pace, we believe that DWCA is responsible for providing learning opportunities that address individual, physical, spiritual, social, mental skills necessary for growth. DWCA is committed to the Spiritual development of its children and seeing them mature in the word of God.

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DWCA uses the Horizons Preschool Curriculum. Horizons is a Christian based curriculum that teaches math, phonics, and language arts, in addition to a variety of other subject matter that will prepare them for school. This curriculum provides plenty of fun, interactive activities that will keep your children engaged while incorporating Bible stories and scripture.

At DWCA, we also promote social-emotional learning. This kind of learning teaches children how to identify and manage their emotions as well as how to maintain healthy relationships with thier peers, family members, etc. 


We aim to highlight each student's strengths and strenghten areas that may need more attention. 


Enrollment Process
To enroll your child(ren) in DWCA, you must fill out the application packet and all other required documentation. Once DWCA recieves your application, we will review it and notfify you on whether your application has been accepted or denied. 

Registration is not open just yet, however, if you are interested in enrolling your child, please join our waitlist. By joing the waitlist, you will recieve more information about our academy and be notified first when the registration has opened. 

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Health & Safety


The health and safety of our students is a top priority. 

Covid-19 Precautions:

We understand that we are still currently navigating our way through a pandemic. Because of this, we are going the extra mile to ensure the health and safety of the children, parents, and our staff.  Here are a few precautions and measures that our organization is taking

  • Masks - Everyone is required to have a mask on hand and they will be utilized when necessary. 

  • Routine Cleaning & Sanitizing - We will be wiping down tables, chairs, supplies, bathrooms, etc. regularly. Children and staff will wash their hands thoroughly and frequently. 

  • Personal Health - If a child(ren) is feeling sick for any reason, parents must keep them at home, especially if a child is displaying symptoms associated with Covid-19 (fever, coughing, shortness of breath, etc). If a child falls ill during school hours, we will call and ask that the child be picked up immediately. Please see the parent handbook for more information on picking up a sick child from the center. 

  • Temperature Checks - Before entering the facility, students will have their temperatures checked each day. If a child has a temperature of 100 degrees of higher, they will not be allowed to attend school that day. 

  • Covid-19 Exposure - if a student has either contracted or been exposed to someone who has contracted Covid-19, they may not be admitted to school for a minimum of fourteen (14) days, as recommended by the Center of Disease Control. To re-enter the facility, a negative Covid test must be presented. 


Weekly Tuition


Below is our tuition chart. Prices vary based on the age of the student. 


3 Year Olds                $185.00

4 Year Olds                $175.00

5 Year Olds                $160.00


Contact Us

Phone: (804)301-7879

Email: educationdept@dwps.us

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