Dynamic Works Christian Academy (DWCA) Before School Care and After School Care program begins the first day of the Academic School Year.

Please see the DWCA Tuition/Fee Schedule for pricing. DWCA offers before and after school program designed to help working parents. Our inclusive program is Christ centered, safe and nurturing. The before and after school program promotes the spiritual, physical, intellectual and social/emotional development of each student.

Here at DWCA, your student will have the opportunity to have a snack, do their homework and participate in various supplemental activities that promote the arts, physical fitness, social and thinking skills.-
Before & After School Care available for grades K-5-5th grade        Dynamic Clubs Grades 6th-12th 

  • (Before Care) 6:30AM-8:00AM                                           

  • (After Care) 3:15PM to 6:00PM    


In addition, DWCA, offers special enrichment activities (Dynamic Clubs) in coordination with the before and after school program. After School Dynamic Clubs are available for 6-12 grades 3:15PM to 6:00PM: Clubs are listed below each participant is required to pay monthly club fee:    

  • Art Club                          

  • Music Club

  • Cooking Club                 

  • Intramural Sports 

  • Dream Girls  (Ages 12-18)







Before School Care (BSC): Only students of working parents enrolled in Dynamic Works Christian Academy (DWCA) in are eligible for enrollment in our Before School Program. BSC hours are 6:30am to 8:00 am Children are not permitted to be dropped off prior to 6:30 a.m. for BSC: BSC charges may be paid annually in advance or on a monthly basis in advance. These monthly payments are the same regardless of student attendance and payments will be calculated on the tuition/financial agreement.  

After School Care (ASC): Only students of working parents enrolled in DWCA in K-5 through 5th grade are eligible for enrollment in our After School Program. ASC hours are 3:15 to 6:00pm ASC charges may be paid annually in advance or on a monthly basis in advance. These monthly payments are the same regardless of student attendance, and payments will be calculated on the tuition/financial agreement. ASC is not a drop-in program. Students not picked up after school within fifteen minutes of dismissal will be admitted into the After School Program.

BSC and ASC is only open when Dynamic Works Christian Academy School is in session. Please check the school calendar on for holidays.  


A $15.00 penalty fee will be charged for each 15 minutes your child is left past 6:00 p.m. Parents will be charged an additional $5.00 per half-hour or any part of a half-hour thereafter. There will be a maximum charge of $30 per day for these students.

Dynamic Works Program Support P.O. Box 35309 Chesterfield Virginia, 23235

web: (804) 986-1397


A $15.00 minimum fee will be charged for students not enrolled in the After School Program and not picked up within 15 minutes of dismissal.    



Advanced Fees-                          

Before & After Care Program
Before Care $35.00 weekly per child  After Care   $45.00  weekly per child   Before & After Care $75.00 weekly per child Dynamic Club Fees $50.00 per month per child Grades (6-12)

Discounts  Before Care $30.00 weekly 2nd child and additional  After Care $ 40.00 weekly 2nd child and additional Before & After Care $65.00 weekly 2nd child and additional                                         


Discipline at the After School Care Program  
All After School Care Program students are expected to conform to the rules and regulations of DWCA. The After School Care Program is a continuation of the classroom process and uncooperative students will be disciplined according to our policies.  


Lines of Authority  
Teacher: The teacher is the first line of discipline in any classroom setting. In case of a disagreement, parents and students are to follow the Matthew 18:15-16 Principle.  
Principal (or designated school administrator): The Principal is responsible for the discipline of students in all non-classroom settings where a student has been referred to the office by a teacher. Parent notification by phone or letter may result in a request for parents to come to school for a conference.

Mutual Respect: Respect for faculty/staff as a direct authority, teachers are to be shown respect. All school office staff, personnel are to be accorded the same respect required for teachers. This is both a biblical mandate and a common courtesy. Any form of disrespect will result in a disciplinary referral.

Faculty respect for students as a staff, we also accept our responsibility in treating students with the utmost respect and fairness. Should a student feel that a teacher has been disrespectful or unfair, he or she and the parent are encouraged to speak to the teacher first. If that is unsuccessful, the student and parent should then appeal to the Principal.  

Student respect for fellow students: Verbal abuse or harassment of another student is totally incompatible to our Christian Ethics. Treat others as you would have them treat you.

Complaint or Problem Procedure: Matthew 18 Principle Occasionally during the course of a year, misunderstandings or problems can arise between the teacher and a student, teacher and parent, parent and the office staff, or any one of several other possibilities. School personnel at every level are committed to resolving problems one on one in a spirit of Christian love and respect. Dynamic Works Christian Academy School’s policy for dealing with such situations is constituent with the teachings found in Matthew 18:15-22 and Matthew 5:21-24. Much prayer should precede any attempt to deal with a problem. Complaints or problems will be considered in no other way than prescribed below, unless they involve a specific disciplinary action taken by the School.


Team itself

  • First, all questions, problems or complaints regarding a teacher or other school personnel should be brought directly to the person involved before anyone else is consulted. 

  • If the situation cannot be resolved at this level through direct contact, it should then be brought to the Principal, if the Principal is not the person with whom the problem exists. This will result in a face-to-face Principal/Parent/Teacher Conference. 

  • Rules for Conferences/Interaction with DWCA Staff In order to effectively resolve differences that parents may have with school staff, the following rules must be adhered to in conferences or interaction with school personnel.

  • Mutual respect for everyone in the conference is expected. The conference or discussion will be about your student only. 

  • Unfounded or absurd allegations will not be made. 

  • Due to the confidential nature of each student’s records, including discipline, information about another student will not be released. 

  • Communication with staff must be within their normal working hours. According to our Matthew 18 policy of conflict resolution, you must first go to the teacher or staff member and talk to them and work to resolve the difference before involving school administration. If these rules are not adhered to by a parent, the conference or discussion will end and the action taken by school personnel will stand.