Get Kidz Fit (Childhood Obesity Intervention/Prevention Program)  

Get Kidz Fit is a physical fitness /education training program for children ages 5 and up which helps children/teens make changes in their diet, exercise, which result in decreased obesity, improved cardiovascular and physical fitness, and increased nutrition knowledge. Get Kidz Fit incorporates physical training and activities to increase daily physical fitness.  

Childhood Obesity  
More children today are overweight or obese than ever before which is why more children are beginning to work with physical-education training programs that focus on childhood obesity. Recent concern about youth obesity and inactivity has parents, teachers, and the community looking for ways to improve the health of the youth. Today’s parents want their children to be both healthy and competitive. By working with our physical training instructors and educators this will enhance their physical ability participation and give our youth an edge in an increasingly challenging society and in life.   

Get Kidz Fit- Families   
DWPS we believe healthy families produces healthy children. Therefore we encourage the support of immediate family members of the household to assist the child/children during the process of (Get Kidz Fit Program).    


  • Family Outdoor Activities

  • Educational Classes, Training & Material

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Provide Healthy Meal Tips


Get Kidz Fit Prevention Program

  • Healthy Snacks

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Educational Training  

  • Children ages (5-12) performs physical activities such as running, jumping we incorporate sports such as soccer, baseball, softball, basketball and more they will also perform less strenuous strength training exercises, strength training exercises are done after the cooling down period or on alternate dates from their regular exercises they can include: Sit-ups Knee bends, Heel raises, Leg lifts, Push- ups, Lunges (No actual lifting weights) will be used for younger children  

  • Teens ages 13 and up will work with a trainer in groups, trainers who work with teens focus on making the workout sessions both productive and fun. Much like an adult, a child’s session will include a warm up and then some combination of conditioning which may include cardiovascular, strengthening, agility, speed, coordination or other sport specific moves. All sessions will be completed with stretching. Strength training or weight training exercises can lead to an increase in muscle mass. Since muscle burns more calories than fat, by increasing your child’s muscle mass, it can make it easier for him to lose weight and/or maintain a healthy weight.   



Get Kidz Fit Intervention Program   

  • Get Kidz Fit includes physical trainers (1 on 1 training and group training)

  • Get Kidz Fit operates daily Mon- Friday, Saturdays (session TBD)  

  • Training Sessions include a variety of sports , daily exercises

  • The focus is on making sure the child has a good experience with exercise, builds on their abilities and builds on their confidence.

  • Get Kidz Fit Intervention Program is an 18 week program / This includes weekly consultation with nutritionist

  • Professional Counseling is available for severe cases (emotional eating disorder)


Be a Good Role Model
To help get your kids motivated to exercise and eat more healthy it is very important that you provide him with a healthy lifestyle that he can model his own life against. This includes having healthy eating habits and participating in a regular exercise program. Also limit how much time that the family watches television.  
You’ll give your body the fuel it needs to optimize the weight loss process by keeping your metabolism in overdrive – maximizing the amount of fat you burn. We’ve made it simple for you with our program guide.  
To learn which program is best fit your child/teens contact us today!   

Get Kidz Fit Programs are held at: Chesterfield Food Bank 12211 Iron Bridge Rd, Chester VA, 23831