Welcome to Dynamic Works Sports Training! 

Our sports training addresses speed and agility to athletes of every age and ability level.  At Dynamic Works Sports Training, we are committed to taking student athletes to their highest level of performance. Our program is diverse as it focuses on all aspects of the athlete including but not limited to academics. Our unique program is individualized for each participant based on their needs and goals including GPA Strategy Success Program, academic tutoring and mentoring and much more.


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Our Philosophy 


We believe a well-balanced student athlete will be a responsible citizen achieving academic and athletic success. Student athletes have many responsibilities including demonstrating good sportsmanship, honesty, integrity, and respect for others. Student- athletes are representatives of their parents, school, and much more being the most visible to other students at school and in the community. Being a student athlete offers the opportunity to be a role model, mentor or spokesperson. We have ethical standards that address conduct and behavioral expectations for all student-athletes participating in our programs.

Speed & Agility Training   

  • Our Speed Training Program is specifically designed for each athlete with a common goal to enhance foot speed, agility, power and flexibility.


  • Speed, Agility and Quickness Training is a system of progressive exercises and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor ability; to enhance the capability of athletes to be more skillful at faster speeds and with greater precision. Agility and quickness training improves an athlete’s ability to change direction, brake suddenly and perform sport-specific skills with speed and dexterity. 



  • If you maintain some form of speed training throughout the year, your muscle and nervous system will not lose the feeling of moving fast, and the brain will not have to re-learn those proper control patterns.